New tires through MotoTireUSA


Bringing in your own tires?

If you buy your tires elsewhere and bring them in with you, just add $45 to the regular price for any service listed above. Balancing and Standard Valve Stem replacement are still free.

Cost of Tires Varies
Check our shopping section for the latest prices
Tire Mounting, on the bike - Dirt, Sport Bike $45 per wheel
Balancing each wheel Free
Standard Valve Stem replacement
Tire Mounting, on the bike - 1800 Goldwings / Cruisers front $70 per wheel
Rear $90 per Wheel
Balancing each wheel Free
Standard Valve Stem replacement* Free
Tire Mounting on Tires priced over $90, carry in wheels*** Free
Balancing each wheel Free
Standard Valve Stem replacement** Free

*$5 tire supply fee applies to ALL tires installed at MotoTireUSA and includes standard rubber 'pull-through' valve-stems only. Other valve-stems may be an additional charge
*Free service applies to tires, mounted on wheels you bring in, off the bike. (Tires priced under $90 are $15 to install on wheel)

***Standard Shop Labor Rate is $120 per hour. All rates and services may change at any time.

Additional labor may be required on some motorcycles. See examples below.

Tire change with liquid tire sealant +$20.00

Fat spoke or "sealed" aftermarket wheels $10 additional labor per wheel

Honda GL1100/1200 tires $140 per wheel

Kawasaki Voyager rear tire +$20.00
Kawasaki Vaquero rear tire +$20.00
Yamaha V-Star rear tire +$40.00

Yamaha V-Star 1100 Oil Change +$120